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Dog Dewormer – Tradewinds Praziquantel Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs

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Praziquantel Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs are an over the counter medication providing a simple way to treat and prevent intestinal tapeworms in canine pets.

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The importance of regular use of a dog dewormer should never be forgotten.  The most common intestinal parasites affecting our pets are tapeworms.  They rarely pose a threat as long as any infection is treated swiftly. For poorly or underweight pets the additional burden of tapeworms competing for nourishment can lead to significant weight-loss. Tapeworms can be passed to our pets by fleas.  So alongside any regular deworming program should be an ongoing form of dog flea control.

Best Priced Praziquantel Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs

tradewinds tapeworm tabletsWe found the best price for Praziquantel Canine Tapeworm Tabs through the link above.  We carry out a price comparison on regularly, looking at prices for a bottle of 5 tape worm tablets.    Prices vary hugely so we aim to always provide a link (click the image above) to the cheapest source of Praziquantel online today..

For today EntirelyPets certainly offer extremely low prices on the Tradewinds bottle of 5 canine tapeworm tablets.  Of course, we update our price comparisons regularly but you should always double check the price too before parting with your card details.

Using Tradewinds Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs

Each Tradewinds Tape Worm Canine Tablet contains 34mg of Praziquantel.  The dosage needed depends upon the size of the dog being treated.

  • Dogs up to 5lbs – 1/2 tablets
  • Dogs 6 to 10 lbs – 1 tablet
  • Dogs 11 to 15 lbs  – 1-1/2 tablets
  • Dogs 16 to 30 lbs – 2 tablets
  • Dogs 31 to 45 lbs  – 3 tablets
  • Dogs 46 to 60 lbs – 4 tablets
  • Dogs over 60 lbs – 5 tablets

Puppies over 4 weeks can safely be treated with this canine dewormer.  The dosage should be given in one go.  They can either be given whole or crumbled onto a favorite meal, but be sure to watch they consume the entire dose needed.

It is usual to carry out regular deworming of dogs that go outside regularly around every two to three months.  Such regular use of tapeworm tablets will prevent their ever being a significant infestation, but if you are treating a dog for the first time, and the infestation is particularly serious you may need to repeat the medication after a week or so.

Regular deworming is a necessary part of dog ownership, and particularly important when small children live under the same route as it is not uncommon for toddlers to pick up tapeworms from both dogs and cats.   If you do not feel your dog is likely to be exposed to tapeworms speak to your vet about a less regular use of such medication.  Alongside tapeworm tablets another key way to prevent the spread of these parasites is by regular removal of pet waste.

Praziquantel Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs

Praziquantel is the preferred method of removing tapeworm infestations, as it is mild yet effective at removing both T. pisiformis & D. caninumn. Until recently though it has only been available with a prescription.  Tradewinds Praziquantel Tapeworm Tablets for Dogs contain the same 34mg of this active ingredient but are available as an over the counter pet medicine.  Tradewinds also produce Praziquantel Tapeworm Tabs for Cats, supplied in a bottle of 3 23mg tablets.  If you are currently using a more expensive prescription only tapeworm tablet for your dog speak to your vet about switching to non-prescription Praziquantel.

Cat Dewormer – Tapeworm Tablets

The importance of regular use of a cat dewormer should never be forgotten. The most common intestinal parasites affecting our pets are tapeworms. They rarely pose a threat as long as any infection is treated swiftly.

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For poorly or underweight pets the additional burden of tapeworms competing for nourishment can lead to significant weight-loss. Tapeworms can be passed to our pets by fleas. This is particularly a problem for cats because our feline pets are so fond of grooming themselves they often swallow fleas along with the tapeworms they contain. So alongside any regular deworming program should be an ongoing form of cat flea control.

tradewinds tapeworm tabletsFor deworming our cats, Tradewinds Tapeworm Tablets are a favorite. The single active ingredient; Praziquantel immediately gets to work breaking down the outer skin of the parasite. These then die and are dealt with by your cat’s own immune system.

The FDA view praziquantal completely safe and as such Cat Tapeworm Tablets from Tradewinds are an over the counter (non-prescription) tapeworm medicine for cats.

Best Priced Cat Wormer

The key to the success of the Online Pet Medicine site is to continually search for the very best deals on a wide range of the most often used pet medications. With this in mind we have carried out a price comparison for a bottle of three 23mg Cat Tapeworm Tablets from Tradewinds.

We chose five well known sources of pet medication online by entering “discount cat meds” into the search engine. We then compared stockists of Tradewinds Tape Worm Tablets and checked for their current prices. The suppliers compared were,,, and Since this initial test we have price-checked tapeworm tabs many times. We always provide a link to the current best price we can find.

Of course prices change so do be sure to check the current price if buying through any of the links here. Now it must be agreed that there are several economical sources of this product. But our price comparison today show the best priced Tape Worm Tablets today. And, every few cents or dollars saved on our pet’s healthcare is more money for their future happiness and well-being (and our own of course).

Using Tape Worm Tablets Cat Wormer

Each bottle contains three tapeworm tabs. At the first sign of tapeworms (usually spotted by unexplained weight-loss with the addition of rice like worm segments in stools or near the anus) it is critical to use an effective cat worming tablet.

The tablets can be coated with a favorite treat such as butter or cream cheese to help your cat enjoy their medicine, or simply crushed up into their usual meal. In most instances one dosage will be plenty to ensure all tapeworms are expelled from your pet’s system. But occasionally where the parasites persist in the local environment (usually due to increased flea activity) re-treatment may be necessary within the following month. This is why flea control is so important.

Most pet owners find it easiest to use such a product every three to six months to ensure no tapeworm parasites are given the chance to take a hold of their cat’s system. In addition ensuring rodents and fleas are not met will reduce the risk of the recurrence of the problem.

Feline Tapeworm Tablets Dosage

These tapeworm tablets are to be used for cats and kittens from 6 weeks of age. For seriously ill or underweight pets it is usual to check with your vet before giving any over the counter medication.

The dosage volumes are dependent on the weight of your cat.

  • For cats 4lbs and under – 1/2 tablet
  • For cats 5-11 lbs. – 1 tablet
  • For cats over 11 lbs. – 1 1/2 tablets

In most instances one dosage will eliminate all tapeworms present.

Worming your cat with these tapeworm tablets rarely brings any unwanted side effects. Occasionally increased salivation may be noticed when using such cat wormers but usually passes quickly. An upset stomach or diarrea is occasionally noted, but most often due to an excessive load of the parasites in the first place. Regular deworming of your cat will ensure the parasite population never grows to a point where its destruction can overload your pet’s system in such a way.

There are few over the counter TapeWorm Tablets able to offer such effective control of gastro-intestinal parasites. Speak to your vet about switching to praziquantal if you are currently still using a more expensive prescription only product.

Tradewinds Praziquantal Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs are also available without prescription.

Dog Dewormer – Panacur C

One of the pet medicines we have to use regularly for all our dogs is of course the humble canine dewormer. Used regularly they ensure internal parasites are never problematic for the health of your pet.  Simple to use and cheap they are extremely important, as internal parasites can be a serious issue if left untreated.

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The best dog dewormer will target a range of internal parasites.  As problem worms vary according to locality it is important to know what the enemy is, to ensure you buy the best dewormer for your dog.  Panacur C provides one of the broadest spectrum canine dewormers available today.

We continually price check to find the best sources on all the medications and supplements featured on the site. The link above will take you to our current preferred supplier for Panacur C.

Dog Wormers – Panacur C

panacur canine dewormerCanine Panacur C is a wide ranging dog wormer destroying many common species of internal parasite. The parasites controlled with Panacur dewormer are:

  • Large Roundworms
  • Tapeworms*
  • Whipworms
  • Hookworms

*This product does not protect against Dipylidium caninum, the tapeworm transmitted by fleas, so an effective canine flea control product should always be used regularly.

As few other canine deworming products tackle all four types of parasite this product is widely recommended by veterinarians. It is also one of few dog wormers that are safe to use on pregnant bitches and puppies over four weeks of age. This product is not a heartworm preventative but is safe to use in heartworm positive dogs.

Which Pack of Panacur C Dog Dewormer to Buy?

Panacur C is sold in three pack sizes. Which to chose depends on the weight of the dog you wish to treat. For every ten pounds in weight of your dog, you will need one gram of dewormer granules. So, for example if you have a thirty pound dog, you will need to give 3 grams of granules, and will need to buy a 2g and 1g pack.

Using Panacur C Deworming Granules

This dewormer needs to be used on three consecutive days. The granules should be mixed with your dog’s food or a treat such as peanut butter or yogurt to encourage them to take the entire dose. Dry food will need to be moistened to ensure the powder mixes in well.

Where to Buy Panacur C Dog Dewormer?

This canine deworming product is FDA approved for use in dogs only, and is authorised for sale as an over the counter pet medication. That means no prescription is needed to buy Panacur and you have a wide choice of pet supply stores from which to buy. Online retailers generally offer competitive pricing. We’ve found today EntirelyPets are giving good deals – you can see their pricing via the link above.

Fenbendazole Canine Dewormer

Panacur C uses 22.2% fenbendazole as its active ingredient. This is a drug known as an anthelminthic that destroys intestinal parasites safely. Intervet, part of the Scherring Plough group produce two canine dewormers using 22.2% fenbendazole. They are Panacur C and Safe-Guard Dewormer. Both are identical, just different brands of the same drug.

Considerations Regarding Panacur C Dog Dewormer

  • Panacur C must be used for three days in a row to be effective.
  • Safe to use on puppies from six weeks. Weaned puppies should be dewormed at 6, 8, 10 and 12 weeks of age. Treat the mother at the same time.
  • Safe to use on pregnant dogs.
  • Adult dogs should be treated on average every six months. But, parasite populations vary with location so it is good to check with your veterinarian whether a more regular deworming schedule is necessary.
  • Do not use on sick puppies or dogs.
  • Adverse reactions are rare with Panacur C, with under 1% of dogs experiencing mild vomiting or loose stools.
  • Panacur C is a dog dewormer and should not be used on cats.

Cheap Panacur C Canine Deworming Granules

Here at the Online Pet Meds site we price check a wide range of cheap pet medicine sources to find the best deals on all the products discussed. The prices above are the best prices for Panacur C dog dewormer available online.  Simply click on the image at the top for current prices and pack sizes.