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oral flea tablets capstarFor pets with particularly sensitive skins perhaps the easiest method of flea control is by oral tablet.  There are two brands currently available. One offers immediate flea relief but is a short-term treatment while the second is a once a month treatment protecting against cat fleas permanently.  

Capstar Flea Tablets

Containing the active ingredient Nitenpyram CAPSTAR for Dogs or Cats kills adult fleas on contact.  Within half an hour, pet owners report seeing dead fleas falling from their pet.

The product is effective for 24 hours only. This makes it a great flea treatment to use on an ad-hoc basis, such as prior to taking your cat to a grooming salon or show.  It is also a good way of ensuring your cat is flea free and stays that way during a visit to the vet or anywhere there may be more flea infested animals.

The next time you fear a flea attack you just give your cat another tablet as Capstar tablets are safe enough to use every day.  If you believe your residence may be home to a more long-term flea population with flea eggs and larvae this product will not tackle those.  But as they emerge into adulthood Capstar will kill them.

For any pet suffering from a massive flea problem, often rescue animals from shelters or strays, this is a really effective ‘quick fix’ eliminating all fleas really quickly.  It’s quick acting formula means fleas do not get a chance to bite your cat.

Capstar flea tablets will kill 90% of fleas within 6 hours of your cats treatment.  This makes Capstar a particularly effective cat flea treatment for pets suffering from secondary flea problems such as anaemia, dermatitis and skin infections.  When a pet is overloaded with fleas or in ill health anyway the priority is to kill the flea population quickly so the cat can make a speedy recovery.

This is an extremely safe way of treating for fleas, it can be given to kittens from 4 weeks (weighing 2lb or more).  It is also perfectly safe for both pregnant and nursing cats.  An awful lot of the new reliable pet meds for fleas such as this one, are not proven safe to use on pregnant or nursing animals so even if you use an alternative treatment normally, Capstar could be the ideal interim method of flea control during this sensitive time.

Program Oral Flea Control

Program Flavor TabsA completely different approach is to stop the development of immature fleas so the adult population dies out with no individuals to take its place.  This is how Program Flavor Tabs works.  The active ingredient, an insect development inhibitor; lufenuron works.

Used each month as indicated Program will destroy the flea population in your home.  However your cat may still come into contact with adult fleas elsewhere, which this does not destroy.

The makers are happy for you to use a flea adulticide product in conjunction with these flea tablets.  So for occasional adult flea infestations use a one-off Capstar or Frontline Spray treatment.  This is only likely to be an issue during peak flea season such as summer.  Adult fleas tend to die pretty quickly of their own accord but if the adult flea population is at its peak you may well need to help it along.

Again, Program is perfectly safe for kittens from 4 weeks of age which makes it great for breeders as many other cat flea treatments are unsuitable for such young animals.

For cats who really refuse to take their flea medication in tablet form it is possible to use Liquid Program Suspension which uses the same active ingredients and are from the same, trusted manufacturer Novartis.  Program Suspension is provided as a pouch of product to be mixed with your cats food.

There is also a 6 Month Injectable administered by vets, which is a good option for particularly fussy felines, or forgetful owners.  One injection each six months to alleviate the flea problem in your pet’s life.  Combine that with a reminder from your vet when the next treatment is due and you can be as forgetful as you like!

Other Flea Control Methods

If feeding your pet their cats flea medicine does not appeal there are lots more methods to choose from.   Check out more options for your cats flea treatment at Online Pet Meds.

Written by Karl

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