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cat flea controlOwning a cat can often feel more like running a cat hotel than pet ownership.  For all those lovely home-loving cuddly lap cats there are many more free-spirited would-be roamers not so willing to show us the affection we would like.  No matter what kind of cat we have ended up with it is us owners who are responsible for their health and well-being.  One of the first pet meds we should organise on receipt of a new feline boarder is flea medication.

Best Selling Cat Flea Treatments

With our search for low prices and wide range of pets medicines it is no wonder we provide pet owners with so much information regarding flea control.  The best selling cat flea treatments are:

Fleas can have a real negative impact on any cat’s health.  Causing irritation, dermatitis, allergies, skin infections, flea anaemia and even passing on tape-worms fleas should be controlled from day one.  Always take a hard-line stance towards these jumping parasites.  Because although a few will cause no real harm they breed very quickly multiplying exponentially to easily infest your home and other pets.  Laying eggs which can hide out in your home for up to a year before becoming debris-eating larvae and later pupating into adult fleas.

The most popular methods of controlling cat fleas are; flea sprays, fogs and bombs (for both your pet and their bedding), shampoos, oral flea control (Capstar Flea Tablets, Liquid Program Oral Suspension), flea collars and topical spot-on flea treatments (Advantage Flea Control, Frontline for Cats, Advocate for Cats and Revolution for Cats).   The active ingredients in each product are different and are effective for varying amounts of time.

Cat fleas are the fleas you are most likely to encounter whatever kind of pets you have as they outnumber the many other species of flea massively.  Also cat fleas are not fussy, happy to make their home and take their meals from just about any warm-blooded animal.

One word of warning NEVER use a dog flea treatment on your cat unless it specifically states it may be used on cats too. Many chemicals used in dog medicines can be harmful to cats so always err on the side of caution.

Your cats flea treatment should be an ongoing affair to ensure your house never becomes over-run with the pests.  Your cats flea control can be adjusted over time but it will always need to be actively killing fleas.   Of all the pet meds available your cats flea prevention is the easiest to change.  Trying a new brand or method of flea control is simple because you see the results immediately.  We all know when our cat is suffering from a flea infestation don’t we!

Written by Karl

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