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Cat Dewormer – Tapeworm Tablets

The importance of regular use of a cat dewormer should never be forgotten. The most common intestinal parasites affecting our pets are tapeworms. They rarely pose a threat as long as any infection is treated swiftly.

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For poorly or underweight pets the additional burden of tapeworms competing for nourishment can lead to significant weight-loss. Tapeworms can be passed to our pets by fleas. This is particularly a problem for cats because our feline pets are so fond of grooming themselves they often swallow fleas along with the tapeworms they contain. So alongside any regular deworming program should be an ongoing form of cat flea control.

tradewinds tapeworm tabletsFor deworming our cats, Tradewinds Tapeworm Tablets are a favorite. The single active ingredient; Praziquantel immediately gets to work breaking down the outer skin of the parasite. These then die and are dealt with by your cat’s own immune system.

The FDA view praziquantal completely safe and as such Cat Tapeworm Tablets from Tradewinds are an over the counter (non-prescription) tapeworm medicine for cats.

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Using Tape Worm Tablets Cat Wormer

Each bottle contains three tapeworm tabs. At the first sign of tapeworms (usually spotted by unexplained weight-loss with the addition of rice like worm segments in stools or near the anus) it is critical to use an effective cat worming tablet.

The tablets can be coated with a favorite treat such as butter or cream cheese to help your cat enjoy their medicine, or simply crushed up into their usual meal. In most instances one dosage will be plenty to ensure all tapeworms are expelled from your pet’s system. But occasionally where the parasites persist in the local environment (usually due to increased flea activity) re-treatment may be necessary within the following month. This is why flea control is so important.

Most pet owners find it easiest to use such a product every three to six months to ensure no tapeworm parasites are given the chance to take a hold of their cat’s system. In addition ensuring rodents and fleas are not met will reduce the risk of the recurrence of the problem.

Feline Tapeworm Tablets Dosage

These tapeworm tablets are to be used for cats and kittens from 6 weeks of age. For seriously ill or underweight pets it is usual to check with your vet before giving any over the counter medication.

The dosage volumes are dependent on the weight of your cat.

  • For cats 4lbs and under – 1/2 tablet
  • For cats 5-11 lbs. – 1 tablet
  • For cats over 11 lbs. – 1 1/2 tablets

In most instances one dosage will eliminate all tapeworms present.

Worming your cat with these tapeworm tablets rarely brings any unwanted side effects. Occasionally increased salivation may be noticed when using such cat wormers but usually passes quickly. An upset stomach or diarrea is occasionally noted, but most often due to an excessive load of the parasites in the first place. Regular deworming of your cat will ensure the parasite population never grows to a point where its destruction can overload your pet’s system in such a way.

There are few over the counter TapeWorm Tablets able to offer such effective control of gastro-intestinal parasites. Speak to your vet about switching to praziquantal if you are currently still using a more expensive prescription only product.

Tradewinds Praziquantal Tapeworm Tabs for Dogs are also available without prescription.