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Capstar Flea Medication

Capstar Flea Medication is an easy to use method of controlling fleas.  Given as an oral flea tablet, Capstar is extremely mild and of course leaves no residue on your pet.  This makes an oral flea treatment particularly useful for families that include small children, since parents often worry about their kids petting the animals after treatment with an external flea treatment such as Frontline Plus.

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Novartis Capstar is provided in two color coded pack sizes, making choosing which flea tablet to use pretty simple…

Capstar Blue

oral flea tablets capstar

Capstar Blue is the most popular choice since it safely treats both cats and small to medium sized dogs for fleas.  Cats and dogs from two to twenty-five pounds can be treated for fleas with one Capstar Blue tablet.

Capstar Green

Capstar Green is used to safely treat larger dogs between  twenty-five and one hundred and twenty-five pounds.

Using Capstar Flea Medication

Once you have chosen the correct pack size you simply give your pet one flea tablet.  You can give them whole or broken up into food if preferred.  Either way one tablet will get to work pretty quickly.  Within half an hour adult fleas will start to be destroyed, and within four hours 90% of all fleas present will have been killed.

This flea tablet works for twenty four hours, so any new fleas encountered during that time will also be safely eradicated.  Most pet owners choose to use such a daily flea treatment to deal with flea control for pets that do not regularly come into contact with adult flea populations.  For instance ad-hoc excursions to the dog-park or boarding kennels can be prime spots from which to bring home fleas.  Using Capstar before you go is an easy way to prevent this problem.

Capstar flea tablets destroy adult fleas only.  It is perfectly safe to use these pills in conjunction with other flea control methods, and it is recommended by the manufacturer that Program Flea Control is used once a month as these deal with immature fleas before they can become biting adults.

Being extremely mild Capstar Flea Medication is perfectly safe to use on breeding, pregnant and nursing cats and dogs and even on kittens and puppies as young as four weeks of age (providing they weight two or more pounds).  You can buy cheap Capstar flea tablets by simply clicking on the image or blue text at the top of this article.  We regularly price-check to ensure the links send you to the best deals on all pet meds online.  For more information check out our earlier article regarding Capstar Flea Control.


Written by Karl