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Capstar Flea Control

Capstar flea control is an oral flea tablet which can be given to both dogs and cats.  Once given, Capstar flea killer keeps your pet completely free of fleas for 24 hours.

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This method of oral flea medicine is extremely fast acting too, with significant numbers of fleas dieing within 30 minutes of your pet swallowing the flea tablet.

oral flea tablets capstarWithin four hours for dogs and six hours for cats, over 90% of fleas will have been destroyed. Within eight hours virtually all fleas will have been eliminated.

For the 24 hours following administering Capstar flea tablets any new fleas which come into contact with your pet will also be killed. This fast flea killer is perfect for treating animals prone to flea dermatitis as it immediately stops the cause of irritation.

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Be sure to order the correct, color-coded pack size to suit your type and size of pet.

  • CAPSTAR Blue for Dogs or Cats 2-25 lbs
  • CAPSTAR Green for Dogs over 25 lbs

Capstar Flea Control

Using Capstar Flea Tablets

Capstar is an oral flea medicine in tablet form. It should be used to destroy a pre-existing flea problem or to prevent fleas being picked up during a day out.

Give your dog or cat their Capstar tablet by simply placing in their mouth. If they prove stubborn in accepting flea medicine, Capstar may be broken up into food. If you use this method be sure to watch closely to check your pet takes all their flea tablet. If in doubt you can safely give another Capstar flea pill.

Using Capstar Flea Tablets with Other Methods of Flea Control

Capstar deals with adult fleas swiftly and easily. If you suspect juvenile fleas in the home or yard choose Program flea tablets or liquid Program (for cats) to safely eliminate flea eggs and larvae.

It is safe to use Capstar with other pets medicines including other conventional forms of flea treatment.

In multi-pet households all dogs and cats should be treated with any flea treatment, including Capstar flea tablets, at the same time.

Capstar flea pills come in two different sized dosages. Capstar blue is for dogs and cats from 2 to 25lb while Capstar Green is for dogs 26lb to 125lb.

Safe Flea Medicine

Because Capstar is an oral flea tablet, there are no pesticide residues that could rub off your pet onto you, your family or furnishings. This makes it ideal for families with small children and animals with particularly sensitive skins.

The ingredients are extremely mild, making Capstar one of the few flea control products that can be given to nursing and pregnant cats and dogs. Being so mild, it can safely be given to puppies and kittens as young as four weeks of age (2lb in weight and over).

Capstar flea control tablets are safe enough to be given again the next day if your pet encounters a new flea population. In fact, if you are concerned that your pet has not swallowed their flea tablet you can give a second without fear of harming your pet.

For more information see the Capstar Flea Control Q&A section.

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