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Canine Tapeworm Tablets

Sometimes it might seem the list of medications needed for man’s best friend is never ending. But there is good reason, for even the most basic regular medications such as tapeworm tabs for dogs.

One of the most popular over-the-counter remedies to control tapeworms are Tradewinds tapeworm tabs. These use praziquantel, which removes a tapeworm infection quickly and safely.

Most praziquantel based wormers (such as Drontil and Droncit) are prescription only. The FDA have found Tradewinds Tapeworm tablets to be suitable for sale as an over the counter medication which makes things cheaper and easier!

How Do I Know My Dog Has Tapeworms?

The chances are you will not know if your dog has tapeworms. Contrary to popular belief they rarely cause weight-loss or “scooting”. In fact the main way pet owners really know their dog has these particular intestinal parasites, is when they see the worm body segments in the dog’s faeces, bedding, or in the fur near the anus. The segments look a little like rice grains, and are a pretty gross thing to find!

Your vet can test for tapeworms, but far easier is to simply use a single dose product on a regular basis to ensure any parasites present are removed rgularly.

How Does My Dog Get Tapeworms?

There are several species of tapeworms affecting canines. The most common are passed from fleas. So using a regular effective flea treatment such as Frontline Plus for dogs is a good way of minimising the risks. Other species may be passed from rodents, so preventing your pet eating prey animals is a good way to avoid the problem. In truth there is a good chance that any dog will pick up tapeworms at some point, since they are so common.

Should I Worry About Tapeworms?

Honestly, probably not. In the majority of cases they will cause no serious harm. But for underweight, or sick animals the extra load of intestinal parasites can be harmful. Symptoms vary, and whilst one dog might show no sign of the parasites, another may vomit, suffer an extremely noisy tummy, or display signs of itchiness around the anus.

Since tapeworms are likely to occur in most dogs at some point, it is best to use a dewormer regularly to ensure they are unable to prove too much of a burden to your pets.

Some tapeworms can be passed to humans. This is extremely rare, and most likely in young children. The problem is quickly solved with a visit to your GP, but not a pleasant parasite to have.

Tapeworms cannot be prevented, but they can be removed, so it is advisable to do so regularly.


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