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Buying Cheaper Prescription Only Pet Medicine Online

Saving money is the key reason most pet owners choose to buy their pet medicines online.  But, as far as prescription only medication is concerned many pet owners worry about complicated procedures so much they simply pay their vet whatever he charges, regardless of the price.  You can make just as significant savings on prescription only pet meds as you can on over the counter products, so it is always worth considering buying Cheaper Prescription Pet Medicine Online.

Cheaper Prices for Prescription Only Pet Medicines

For example, one of the most widely prescribed prescription pet drugs is Rimadyl.  When looking into prices, we found these varied pretty significantly among the largest online pet pharmacies.  60 75mg chewable Rimadyl’s are currently being sold for $65.40 – $70.80 from the largest three retailers.  In contrast the best price we have found to date comes in at only $59.50 (see the links at the side to the cheapest source of rimadyl for dogs).

Of course you need to factor in delivery charges too, but even then our favored supplier is marginally cheaper than the competition.  And, if you are buying anything else, particularly items that are over the counter, where discounts are even greater, it is worth using the cheapest source.

Still though, people worry that buying prescription only medicines online for their pets will be too difficult, too complicated or too time consuming.  It really isn’t though.  Read on to find out how to buy your pet’s prescription medicine online.

How to Buy Prescription Pet Medicine Online

Firstly, source the best deal that suits you.  There might be some offers at the side that interest you, or perhaps you are looking for something completely different.   On this site we are not tied in to promoting only one particular supplier, so we are always price checking so that the links we include are to the best deals we can currently find.  You cannot assume whomever was the cheapest last time you bought a particular medication still is.  These stores are in fierce competition and continually altering their prices to win your custom.  Make the most of it!

Now place your order.  You will see at the various ‘checkout’ pages that a prescription or RX is required.  That’s okay, your order will go in to be processed but simply will not be dispatched to you till the store see a valid prescription.  While you are making your purchase be sure to note down the fax, email and/or address to which the prescription should be sent.  A few online retailers will even offer to phone your vet to obtain a verbal authorisation.   Double check their prices though as someone has to pay for this level of customer service!  Just check first that your vet is happy to do this, as some may not wish to discuss clients on the telephone.

Okay, you’ve found the supplier, and placed your order.  Now all you need is for your vet to write you out a prescription.  Any good vet will do this for you pretty swiftly as your pet’s health is the primary concern.   In fact, you might already have asked them for the RX when they suggested the medication you are currently buying.  If you are lucky, your vet will be one of the majority happy to fax or even email your prescription direct to your chosen pet store.  If so, ask them to do this asap, if not you’ll have to do this bit, and consider changing to a more helpful veterinarian’s practice.

In addition many online stores will ask for a hard copy of the prescription.  Just pop it into the post direct to the pet med store.  The pet pharmacy will keep all the prescriptions you send them on file.  This is simply part of the process of dispensing medicines and nothing to be concerned about.

When the store receives your emailed or faxed prescription they will dispense your pet medicines directly to yourself.

That’s it.  There is nothing to be overly concerned about.  If your pet is suddenly prescribed a new product and you need to use it immediately of course, forget all about online purchases and buy from your vet so that your pet enjoys the benefits immediately.  But, for long-term prescriptions such as heartworm medicines or pain medications it pays to put in a little bit of organisation and buy Cheaper Pet Medicine online for continual savings on all your pet medications, both prescription and over the counter.

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