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K9 Advantix just got better!  K9 Advantix II, an upgraded formula from Bayer that adds the ability to destroy flea eggs to the original wide ranging product that was ordinary Advantix for dogs.

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An insect growth inhibitor (Pyriproxyfen) has been added to ensure that flea eggs and larvae are unable to develop into biting, breeding adult pests.

k9 advantix iiK9 Advantix for Dogs is one of the best selling flea treatments for dogs in the United States.  Here at the Online Pet Meds site we have found the Best Price K9 Advantix available online.  There is nothing else available that deals with the same variety of external parasites, offering relief from irritation and stress associated with such pests for our dogs.

Dog Advantix flea medicine is a topical treatment placed on the skin each month. This topical flea treatment is produced by Bayer (the makers of Advantage Flea Drops) and like those, use imidacloprid as its main flea fighting ingredient. In addition permethrin is used to deter a wider range of external pests including biting flies and mosquitoes.

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Dog Advantix Parasite Control

K9 Advantix for Dogs works in two ways, destroying and also repelling insects. This gives it a much wider scope for protecting canines from the irritation and stress associated with a multitude of biting pests.

Advantix Kills:

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes and Chewing Lice.

Advantix stops fleas biting within 5 minutes of application giving immediate relief to your pet. All the adult fleas on your pet should be killed within 12 hours whilst any flea larvae are destroyed within 20 minutes.  Any flea eggs present will be prevented from developing further in the new formula Advantix II product.

Advantix Repels:

Fleas, Ticks, Mosquitoes and Biting Flies.

Mosquitoes, biting flies, ticks and fleas are repelled by Advantix and so deterred from irritating your dog. Ticks do not attach to your dog thus reducing the risk of passing on tick borne problems such as Lyme’s disease. Mosquitoes can pass on parasites to your dog, but this risk if far reduced by using a repellent such as K9 Advantix.

K9 Advantix for Canines is the only flea control product to deal with biting flies and mosquitoes, both of which can be particularly troublesome during warmer weather.

Using Canine Advantix Drops

Advantix comes in four color coded pack sizes.

  • Green Advantix for small dogs 1 to 10 lbs.
  • Teal Advantix for medium dogs 11 to 20 lbs.
  • Blue Advantix for large dogs 21 to 55 lbs.
  • Red Advantix for extra large dogs over 55 lbs.

To ensure your pet gets the maximum protection from the flea drops, safely, you must ensure you use the correct sized dose and only for dogs over 7 weeks of age.

As a topical flea treatment Advantix Drops must be placed onto the skin of your pet each month. The usual place to do this is between the shoulder blades. In larger dogs over 25lbs you will need to repeat this process placing a few separate drops onto the skin along the spine.

Dog Advantix is waterproof once dry so you can bathe your pets as normal and allow them to swim or simply go for walks in the rain without fear of losing the insect repellent power.

K9 Advantix for Dogs – Considerations

The most important thing is to ensure you use the correct sized dose and never to use K9 Advantix on Cats as they cannot metabolise the active ingredients.

Canine Advantix should be used on dogs at intervals no less than every 30 days. It should not be used on puppies under seven weeks.

As with most pet medications you should check with your vet before using on dogs that are ill, underweight, nursing or pregnant.

K9 Advantix for Puppies

Puppies may safely be treated with K9 Advantix Flea Drops from seven weeks of age.

K9 Advantix for Dogs – Adverse Reactions

Though most pet owners are happy with the results of using Dog Advantix there are occasional side effects displayed in some pets. If used in the correct dose, the only likely side effect is a sensation of numbness, itching or burning at the site of application. This may begin an hour or so after application and will normally subside within a day or two. You can help relief these symptoms by bathing the area with a mild shampoo.

K9 Advantix for Dogs – Non Prescription

K9 Advantix Topical Treatments are an over the counter pet medicine, regulated but not requiring a veterinary prescription. This means you can buy easily from wherever you find the best prices.

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