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Choosing Generic K9 Advantix is a really easy way to make sure you buy the best priced K9 Advantix for Dogs ever.  We’re always talking about Generic Pet Medicines here at the Online Pet Medicine site.  The reason is simple.  They offer an affordable alternative to branded medications.  Whenever generics become available we suggest you try them.  After all they are made of the same high quality, proven effective ingredients so do exactly the same job at a fraction of the cost of a brand-name original.  Frankly we think Fido simply doesn’t care if the box is not so pretty, so long as he gets the best care you can afford.  So now that K9 Advantix Flea & Tick Medicine is available in generic (and extraordinarily cheap) form, we thought we’d best let you know.

Generic K9 Advantix Prices

generic advantixWe regularly search for the lowest prices on all our featured pet meds. Currently we are recommending USA Pet Express as the service is speedy and the prices are low. Sadly Generic Advantix often doesn’t stay in stock long due to huge demand for the flea and tick treatment.

Rest assured this is simply the best price for Advantix topical flea and tick medicine we could find online.

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You will need to pick the right dosage of Generic Advantix.  The packs are color coded to keep things simple.  All you need to know is the weight of your pet, then choose the correct colored pack:

  • Advantix Green is for small dogs between 1 and 10 lbs.
  • Advantix Teal is for medium dogs from 11 to 20 lbs.
  • Advantix Red is for large dogs from 21 to 55 lbs.
  • Advantix Blue is for extra large dogs over 55 lbs.

These low prices offer savings of around 50% off the cheapest prices available for branded K9 Advantix for Dogs so are definitely worth considering.

What Does Generic K9 Advantix for Dogs Do?

Well, if you know what branded K9 Advantix for Dogs does, you already know the answer!  As a generic alternative to branded Advantix, the alternative must comply with FDA rules that determine it is completely interchangeable with the original product.  So in short, the generic product does exactly what the brand does…

  1. Kills and repels fleas.  Stops flies biting within 5 minutes of application.  Starts killing fleas within an hour of use and destroys 98 – 100% of adult fleas within 12 hours.  Flea larvae are killed in around 20 minutes.
  2. Kills and repels ticks.  Repels ticks before they attach themselves to your dog.  Destroys up to 98% of existing ticks within 12 hours of application.
  3. Kills and repels mosquitoes. Stopping mosquitoes biting your pet is a great way to relief summertime stress and prevent mosquito borne disease.
  4. Kills chewing lice. These pests are the cause of mange, so controlling them is an easy way to prevent this awful skin complaint.
  5. Repels biting flies. These too can bring a lot of stress, pain and potential illness during the summer months particularly.  Whilst K9 Advantix will not kill them it does deter them from biting your pet to begin with.

K9 Advantix for Dogs is a monthly spot on product.  So you simply place the drops directly onto the skin of your dog (between the shoulders or along the spine depending on the dogs size) and then forget about flea control for another month.  Completely waterproof and lasting 30 days Advantix is a straightforward method of flea and tick control for dogs.

Generic K9 Advantix Ingredients

Well, these are identical, of course, to the ingredients used in original branded Advantix.  The active ingredients are Imidacloprid (8.8%) and Permethrin (44.0%).  These have been shown safe to use on dogs, as they target insect systems specifically and canines are able to safely break them down once applied.

Using K9 Advantix Flea Medicine

Whilst K9 Advantix and Generic Advantix are proven to be safe for use in our canine pets there are a few points to consider.

  • Always ensure you have the correct color coded pack size for your dog’s weight.
  • Do not use on puppies under 7 weeks of age.
  • These flea medicines should not be used on pregnant or nursing bitches without first speaking to your vet.
  • Seriously ill or underweight animals should also not be treated without first speaking to your vet.
  • The product should be used every 30 days to ensure complete pest control.
  • Never use K9 Advantix on Cats as they are unable to process the product as safely as dogs.  It is best to apply the flea medicine whilst the cat is kept out of the way to ensure they do not try to lick it whilst still wet.  Once dry your cat will be perfectly safe in a home with dogs treated with K9 Advantix.
  • Side effects are extremely rare and most usually display as irritation or soreness at the site of application that will subside within an hour or so.  But, of course all dogs are different and if your pet displays anything that concerns you after using this or any other pet medicine, be sure to consult your vet.

K9 Advantix for Dogs is widely used and has proven itself to be a safe method of controlling a wide range of insect pests including fleas, ticks, lice, biting flies and mosquitoes.  The main thing to remember is to use no more than every month, and to pick the correct dosage depending on the weight of your dog.

Cheap K9 Advantix for Dogs

For the absolutely lowest priced Advantix you really should choose the Generic K9 Advantix discussed above.  If however you like to support the manufacturers that develop pet medicines initially you can also find Cheap K9 Advantix in original branded form here.  The prices are extremely low as the product is shipped from a Canadian pet pharmacy where prices for such products remain generally lower than elsewhere.

Whether you choose generic or branded K9 Advantix Flea & Tick Medicine, we know you will enjoy a parasite free, happy dog.