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Online Pet Meds offer Azodyl Capsules for dogs and cats at great low prices. The most popular, and most affordable kidney medication for pets.

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For current best prices on Azodyl click the link above for details. We price check regularly to ensure we link to the best value supplier today, on all the medications and supplements featured on teh site. Read on to find out why more and more pet owners are choosing this kidney medication for pets from Vetoquinol.  Supplied as a capsule that needs to be swallowed in one to ensure the full benefit is given to your pet, these are easiest to give surrounded by a favorite treat.

Azodyl CapsulesAzodyl must be refrigerated so are shipped overnight in cool boxes to ensure they arrive in prime condition.

Azodyl Capsules are a pet supplement used for both cats and dogs.  Using beneficial bacteria to create  natural Enteric Dialysis, Azodyl reduces toxin build up in the blood that reduces kidney function.

Simple to use, proven effective and safe, with no known side effects Azodyl capsules are being increasingly prescribed for pets with kidney problems.

As a non-prescription pet medicine it is straightforward to take advantage of online savings rather than buying direct from your veterinary clinic.

Best Price for Azodyl Capsules

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No prescription is needed and shipping is swift as these must be kept cool at all times.

When to Use Azodyl

Azodyl is the preferred treatment choice for both cats and dogs showing the first signs of azotemia. Azotemia is the build up of compounds in the blood. These are usually due to impaired kidney function and tend to further lead to more kidney damage.

The use of Azodyl flushes out these toxins by natural Enteric Dialysis. Ridding the bowel of toxin build up and improving kidney function.

Pets diagnosed with renal failure and other forms of renal disease are widely offered Azodyl by vets. As it is an over the counter medication it is simple to buy online rather than pay more to buy at the vet clinic. Azodyl may be safely used in conjunction with other pet medicines including other products for kidney damage. It still makes sense when dealing with the important health of our pets to let your vet know all the supplements you are using when prescribed additional items.

What is Azodyl?

Azodyl is a patented formula of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria. These digest and flush out the waste products that have built up in the blood and bowels.

Azodyl Considerations

Azodyl has no known side effects and can be used for both cats and dogs. It can be used in conjunction with other pet medications without problem.

The main consideration regarding Azodyl is to ensure you give your pet the entire coated capsule. Breaking the capsule will interfere with how the active ingredients are digested so the whole thing must be swallowed in one go. The capsule should not be broken or crushed. Wrapped in a favorite treat is probably the easiest way to ensure your pet takes their medicine without too much fuss.

Always ensure a ready supply of fresh water is available for your pet too. The capsules should be kept cool so are best refrigerated.

Azodyl Dosage

The dosage for this pet medication is based on weight and does not differ between cats and dogs.

  • For animals up to 5lb give one Azodyl Capsule daily.
  • For animals between 5 and 10lb give two Azodyl Capsules daily (one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening).
  • For dogs over 10lb give three Azodyl Capsules daily (two in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening).

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