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Atopica for Dogs

Atopica for Dogs is a popular dog medication to treat skin allergies and sensitivity caused by Canine Atopic Dermatitis.  It provides a non-steroidal and more targeted approach to treating atopic dermatitis in dogs.

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Avoiding long term use of steroid creams is always to be preferred so do discuss with your vet the suitability of Atopica if your dog is currently undergoing treatment with steroid creams.

Discount Atopica for Dogs

Atopica for dogsHere at the Online Pet Medicines site we are always striving to find the best prices for all our pet med products.  As you can see below, we have indeed found Discount Atopica at great prices.  Just click the link above and select the pack size you are interested in for up-to-date pricing information.

  • Atopica Green 10mg for dogs 4 to 9 lbs
  • Atopica Yellow 25mg for dogs 9.1 to 16 lbs
  • Atopica Purple 50mg for dogs 16.1 to 33 lbs
  • Atopica Blue 100mg for dogs 33.1 to 64lbs

All Atopica color coded packets provide 15 Capsules for your dog.

What is Atopica for Dogs?

Atopica for Dogs is a dog medicine in capsule form used to treat pets with hyper sensitivity to certain common allergens.   It targets the dogs own immune system, shutting down the allergic response usually caused when exposed to trigger allergens such as pollen.

Once used for a number of weeks new flare-ups should stop.  In the meantime the product relieves the itching associated with skin allergies, thus preventing the gnawing so many dogs display with extreme skin irritation.

Atopica is a prescription only medication and should be used under the guidance of your vet.  They will monitor your pet and ascertain the correct dose required to prevent new flare-ups.

Because this is not a steroid treatment it is a safe long-term solution to atopic dermatitis and similar allergic complaints in canine pets.

Generic Atopica for Dogs

Atopica uses one active ingredient, Cyclosporine in its capsules. Cyclosporine is available in non-branded form as Generic Atopica for Dogs.  Though it is medicinally the same product it can offer savings for pet owners. We have found stocks very unreliable. Since most customers choose the branded version stores have tended not to restock the generic version.

Using Atopica for Dogs

The soft capsules should be given without food.  The contents are bitter tasting so it is not advisable to open the capsule to sprinkle on food.  It is generally advised that Atopic Capsules are given outside of mealtimes.  But occasionally stomach upset may prompt your vet to suggest giving alongside a small amount of food.

For dogs with seasonal allergies it is generally advised that the pet medication be given from one or two months prior to the seasonal outbreak is to be expected.

One dose a day is the usual primary treatment.  But for many dogs, once the initial problem is alleviated a single or twice weekly dose may be all that is required to keep symptoms at bay.  Your vet will monitor your dog’s progress and discuss reducing the dose in this way.

The beneficial effects of using this medication may not be noticed immediately.  But in clinical trials carried out by the manufacturers, 74% of dogs showed significant reduction in both itching and skin legions within 4 weeks of beginning treatment.

Side effects are possible but usually only display as non-serious stomach upset.  But dogs with liver or kidney problems or several blood disorders should not be given the medication which is why it is important to discuss use of this with your vet as he or she writes out your prescription for Atopica.

Pregnant and nursing bitches should not be treated with this medication, as to date insufficient data is available regarding its safety in such situations.

Atopica for Dogs – Benefits

The reason this product is so popular is because it is the first non-steroidal oral treatment for dogs with atopic dermatitis.   The benefit of treating allergies without steroids are related to long-term use being far safer and less likely to cause serious problems over time.   It is proven to be effective at minimising irritation and lesions in the majority of dogs without causing side effects.  Only one capsule needs to be administered each day to bring huge health benefits to your atopic pet.

Atopica for Dogs is a prescription only pet medicine.  Simple fax or email your vet’s prescription when placing your order to buy Atopica at cheaper prices online.