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Arthogen for Dogs – Arthritis Treatment

Degenerative or Osteo – Arthritis canine sufferers can be offered a range of effective treatments.  Though they will not completely cure the problem, this disease can be controlled to the satisfaction of you and your pet.  The first dogs arthritis treatment we shall be looking at is Arthogen for dogs (though they offer help for cats and horses too).

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With osteoarthritis becoming such a widespread problem in the human population, there is a lot of time and money being spent to offer effective long-term relief from the disease.  Thankfully for our pets, some of the drugs most often used for human patients are being developed for use in our pets too.

The most widely used  arthritis treatments for dogs and humans with osteoarthritis are Glucosamine and Chondroitin.  Used together they can really slow down the spread of the disease.Arthogen for Dogs

Glucosamine is a key building block of cartilage.  So taking Glucosamine is thought to help the joints repair damaged cartilage to a degree, and perhaps more importantly, to slow its further degeneration.

Chondroitin is believed to inhibit the degenerative enzymes in the joints which are damaging cartilage and promote the ability of cartilage to regenerate helping the Glucosamine do its work,

Does Glucosamine Work?

Used in conjunction Chondroitin and Glucosamine are used widely to treat osteoarthritis in people.   This is a site dedicated to pets medications but I think it is worth looking at how effective the treatments are for humans because they can tell us how they feel about the results, much more easily than our dogs can.

Studies vary widely.  As ever, medications have better results for some people than others.  Long term work has shown that both compounds work together to slow the rate of deterioration of the joints significantly.  But, the reduction in pain caused by those diseased joints varies widely.  Some people show marked reduction in pain while others do not.

One thing which is certain is that a huge number of osteoarthritis sufferers do believe their condition has improved with the use of Glucosamine and even more when combined with Chondroitin.  Products for humans are huge sellers at pharmacies and health stores, being effective but naturally occuring chemicals rather than risky scientific inventions.

Due to the varying degree of satisfaction experienced by patients it is usual to give human patients this arthritis treatment for three months before evaluating its effectiveness and deciding whether to use the product for the long-term management of the condition.

Many pet owners use Chondroitin and Glucosamine combined dogs arthritis treatment and record good results.  Knowing your dog means only you can really ascertain if he is in less pain than before.

The slowing of degeneration of joints means the combination will be helping in the long-term.  But of course we want our dogs to be happier immediately not just remain healthier for longer.  Though these compounds are not actually painkiller their use should reduce pain in your dog as a bi-product of the improvement in the joint’s condition.

The beneficial results of this dogs arthritis treatment should be seen within six weeks.  If treatment proves successful, canine arthritis sufferers tend to remain on such treatments indefinitely, as once stopped the osteoarthritis will continue to progress as before the treatment began.

Arthogen for Dogs – Arthritis Treatment

Here at Online Pet Meds we have found Arthogen Arthritis Canine medicine to be one of our favorite forms of Glucosamine.  Although Glucosamine can have results when used alone, it invariably is more effective when combined with Chondroitin.  Arthogen dogs arthritis treatment does just that.  Plus it uses a beef and cheese flavour which even the fussiest dogs find delightful, making it a simple treat to give.

In addition, the frugal aspect of pet care is looked after by Arthogen dogs arthritis treatment, as it is up to half the price of older brands of glucosamine based dogs arthritis medicine.  Add to that the fact our favorite supplier sell it with their usual heavily discounted prices and it must be a contender to help treat arthritis for dogs everywhere.

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