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Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes + Probiotics

Probiotics for pets can be a surprisingly effective way to deal with bouts of diarrhea or digestive upset. Animal Essentials is different to most. As well as containing good bacteria, enzymes are added to the formula. These can help to do the work of the digestive system, particularly in animals that have lost some of their natural enzymes from the digestive tract.

Animal Essentials Plant Enzymes + Probiotics

The probiotics help restore balance to the digestive system, whilst the enzymes actively break down fats, starch, protein, fiber and cellulose.

Suitable for use in both dogs and cats, the supplement is completely derived from plants (and contains now lactose) making it particularly useful for animals with any dietary intolerances.

Whilst most pets will enjoy good digestive health, some are not so fortunate. Medication, anti-biotics and a weak immune system can also cause inbalance within the digestive tract. Once enzymes are lost it becomes harder for the animal to absorb all the nutrients from its food which of course causes further problems. Adding the enzymes essential for digesting foods fully can really boost the recovery and re-settling of digestion.

If you are looking for the best priced Animal Essentials Enzymes & Probiotics check out the link above. At the time of writing the price for 300g is over $8 cheaper than via the maker’s own website.

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