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Animal Essentials Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

Animal Essentials Enzymes and Probliotics for Dogs and Cats are a simple way to keep your pet’s digestive system in tip-top condition.

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As pets age their digestive systems often become less efficient at processing the foods we give them.  This can be in part due to less natural enzymes being produced by the body itself, and also an issue with the processing of pet foods leading to less natural beneficial organisms reaching the gut altogether.

Another instance that can be particularly disruptive to the natural order of the digestive tract is the use of anti-biotics.  Though great for dealing with bacterial infections they do have a tendency to destroy beneficial, as well as harmful, micro-organisms.  The result may be diarrhea or stomach upsets for your pet.

Animal Essentials – Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats

enzymes and probioticsContained in the Animal Essentials enzymes and probiotics formula are a range of natural plant based enzymes and probiotics.  In addition to boosting the pet’s system with beneficial bacteria necessary for good digestive health, the enzymes included help to break down carbohydrates, fats, proteins and cellulose within the stomach.  This basically means your pet is getting a little help digesting their dinner.

Whilst young and healthy animals should have all the beneficial organisms and enzymes they need, older animals and those with ill-health quite often do not.  Boosting their ability to process the food we give them can be a simple and totally natural way to improve their overall condition.  The active ingredients included in each serving of this pet dietary supplement are Alpha & Beta Amylase, Proteases, Lipase, Cellulase, Hemicellulase, Bromelain and the Probiotic – Bacillus coagulans..

Using this supplement could not be easier.  The product comes in granular form.  All you need to do is measure out 1/4 of a teaspoon per 30 pounds of the animal’s bodyweight.  Simply mix this into moistened food and let the pet do the rest.   As we have seen canine probiotics and probiotics for cats are not something that every pet owner needs to buy.  But for elderly animals and all round supplement containing both probiotics and enzymes can really help improve overall condition as nutrition is better absorbed.

Animal Essentials Enzymes and Probiotics are suitable for use in both dogs and cats and as it contains no sugar, fats, preservatives or lactose is great for animals of all ages and all manner of food intolerances.  This is a simple and natural over the counter dietary supplement rather than a pet medicine but as it can be so useful for improving pet health we thought it deserved a mention here at Online Pet Meds.  You can of course buy Enzymes and Probiotics for Dogs and Cats simply by clicking the links at the top of this article to benefit from cheap Animal Essentials products.