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Advantix Flea Control

K9 Advantix flea control is produced by Bayer Animal Health.  Whilst some flea treatments are very effective if fleas are your only real concern, Advantix is chosen when the variety of pests causing problems for your dogs is a little wider.

We’ll have a look at exactly what the product does (and the difference between the original formula and Advantix II which is gradually taking over in stores and veterinary suppliers).  If you simply want to buy this flea control head on over to our sales page via the link below:

Advantix Flea Control

First off, what does Advantix do, and why would you choose it rather than the more familar Advantage also produced by Bayer?

Multiple Parasite Control With Advantix

Well, this deals with far more than fleas alone.   As well as being able to destroy certain parasitic pests, it also has a second function; deterring those pests in the first place.  The parasites dealt with by Advantix include:

  • Fleas –  These are both destroyed, and deterred from making your dog their home in the first place.
  • Ticks – Various ticks including Deer ticks, American dog ticks, Brown dog ticks, and Lone Star ticks are destroyed if attached to your pet when applied, and any new ticks met are also deterred from attaching to your dog.
  • Mosquitoes – These can be particularly troublesome in the summer, causing disease and distress.  Advantix will deter mosquitoes from biting, but if they do persevere contact with the medication will destroy them.
  • Chewing Lice – These can cause sarcoptic mange and severe skin irritation.  A monthly application of this flea control product will destroy any chewing lice on your dog.
  • Biting Flies – These are not killed by the flea control liquid, but they are repelled by it, so your dog should have far fewer flies bothering him.  This is particularly useful if you live in a region where diseases such as Leishmania are spread by biting flies.

Once applied, 98 – 100% of fleas on your pet will be destroyed within 12 hours (and most of them far sooner), making Advantix one of the best ways to deal with large flea infestations.  The flea control ingredient is Imidacloprid, which is the same ingredient Bayer use in their original Advantage flea control formula, which explains why it is so quick to get to work.

If only fleas are a concern, we would still recommend using Advantage, but if the other pests are troublesome for your dog, K9 Advantix will be far more beneficial.

A note on mosquitoes… Even though Advantix is excellent at repelling mosquitoes, its use will not guarantee that your dog is never bitten.  You know how difficult it can be for us to remain unbitten when mosquitoes are particularly active.  So never consider Advantix an alternative to heartworm prevention.  It will reduce the risk of infection, but it cannot guarantee that an infected mosquito won’t bite your pet.

A note on cats… Even though Advantix has proven both safe and effective for treating dogs, it is not suitable for cats.  Felines are unable to metabolise the key ingredient (Permethrin), and so it could be very dangerous for them to be treated with this particular flea treatment.  It is however, safe to use Advantix on dogs, that live in a family which also includes cats.  We advise that owners ensure the flea treatment is dry before cats and dogs mix.  All topical flea treatments are designed to be bitter tasting and so not something most pets will try to lick anyway, but it is of course prudent to keep an eye on your pets until the treatment is dry and safely absorbed to get on with its job of removing unwanted pests.

Advantix or Advantix II

Gradually Bayer are replenishing stocks of their flea and tick control products with new Advantix II.  The difference is that a small amount of one more ingredient has been added to the original formula.  This extra 0.44% of Pyriproxyfen allows the new formula to deal with all fleas, including eggs, larvae, pupae and adult.

This change means that it is far easier to keep the local flea population firmly under control, since there are no juveniles left in the vicinity.  Though it is only the adult fleas that bite, those juveniles can stay dormant for many months waiting for an opportunity to restart the flea population in your home or garden.  Eradicating them along with the biting adults, means the risk of future flea outbreaks is reduced significantly.

Advantix flea control is the ideal choice when ticks, fleas and flying insects are a worry for your dog.

Written by Karl