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Advantage Multi for Cats + Dogs

Advantage Multi is a combined flea treatment and heartworm medicine available for both dogs and cats.  Produced by Bayer, Advantage Multi is also sold as Advocate Heartworm Medicine.  The name differs depending on the region the product is sold in, but importantly the contents of the pack are identical.

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Advantage Multi for Cats and Dogs

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Advantage Multi for Cats and Dogs is a monthly topical treatment.  Used year round it will completely control fleas & lice and prevent heartworm infection.

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Advantage Multi orange is used for small cats under 9lbs, whilst Advantage Multi purple is for larger cats over 9lbs.

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Advantage Multi green is for small dogs and puppies weighing 1 – 10lbs. Advantage Multi Teal is for medium sized dogs from 11 – 20lbs, Advantage Multi Red is for large dogs weighing 21 – 55lbs, whilst Advantage Multi blue is for extra large dogs weighing more than 55lbs.

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The supplier we recommend is based in the United States, so you can be sure you’re receiving genuine FDA approved pet medicines. They offer great value and are currently able to dispatch Advantage Multi without a prescription from you. Don’t worry though, this is nothing illegal! Their amazing After Sales Team will arrange for all the correct paperwork on your behalf. Just give them your pet’s name and the number for your vet when you place your order and they’ll do the rest.

Advantage Multi is sold in packs of 3, 6 or 12 applications.  Each pack is color-coded to allow easy recognition of the different sized doses available for different sized pets.

Advantage Multi Information

Advantage Multi is a topical once a month treatment for dog and cats, combining heartworm prevention with flea control.  Applied to the skin of your pet every 30 days, Advantage Multi provides control of multiple parasites (both external and internal).

  • Protects both dogs and cats against fleas by destroying both adult fleas and flea larvae.
  • Protects both dogs and cats against heartworm disease by destroying all heartworm larvae contracted in the 30 days prior to application.
  • Destroys roundworms, hookworms and whipworms in dogs.
  • Destroys roundworms, hookworms and ear mites in cats.

Advantage Multi is recommended as a year round method of combined flea control and heartworm preventative for both dogs and cats from seven weeks of age.

How Advantage Multi Works

Advantage Multi for Cats + Dogs uses two active ingredients; Imidacloprid and  Moxidectin.

  1. Imidacloprid is the same active ingredient found in ordinary Advantage Flea Control.   It is transferred by your pets own sebaceous glands to cover the entire surface with flea killing power.  It targets the nervous system of fleas, stopping them from biting within 5 minutes of application.  Flea larvae are killed within 20 minutes and within 12 hours all fleas already on your pet will be destroyed.  Imidacloprid continues to repel and destroy any new fleas and flea larvae which come into contact with your pet during the 30 days following application.   Because it stops larval fleas too, before they have a chance to mature and breed, using Advantage Multi or Advantage Flea Control for a few months should see the entire flea population in your home and yard controlled.
  2. The secondary active ingredient, Moxidectin tackles internal parasites.  Once applied, moxidectin is absorbed into the bloodstream where it destroys all larval stage heartworms which have been picked up during the previous 30 days.  It is also absorbed into the gut where it is able to deal with other intestinal parasites too.

Using Advantage Multi for Cats + Dogs

Advantage Multi is a topical flea and heartworm medicine.  It should be applied directly to the animal’s skin between the shoulder blades for dogs, or the base of the neck, for cats.  Your pet should be monitored for 30 minutes or so afterwards to ensure they do not rub or lick off the flea drops.  For best results all pets in the home should be treated with an effective form of flea control on the same day.

Once dry Advantage Multi medicine is completely waterproof because the active ingredients are contained in an oil based carrier.  It is safe for pets to be bathed or to swim after using Advantage Heartworm medicine, but be sure not to use too harsh a detergent.  A mild soap is the best shampoo for your pet’s skin anyway and will ensure the flea drops are not diluted at all.

Before starting use with Advantage or any form of heartworm prevention it is advisable to speak to your vet as it is usually safest to have a heartworm test carried out.  If you are switching from another form of heartworm medicine, ensure you use Advantage Multi 30 days after the last old medication to ensure continued protection against heartworms.

Year Round or Seasonal Use of Heartworm Medicine

To absolutely guarantee prevention of heartworm disease it is recommended by the American Heartworm Societyand the manufacturers of heartworm medicines such as Advantage, that all dogs and cats be given a heartworm preventative year round.  In practice, many pet owners opt for seasonal use of such heartworm medicine; beginning the course within a month of mosquito activity starting, and finishing it a month after mosquito activity has ceased.  If you are considering such a course of medication speak to your vet to check the rates of heartworm incidence in your region and the need for more regular testing.

Because Advantage Multi combines heartworm medicine with flea control it is more beneficial to use the product year round as fleas remain active year round in most warm homes.  Alternatively you could switch to ordinary Advantage Flea Control during the winter months.

Missed Dose of Heartworm Medicine

Advantage Heartworm Medicine should be used every 30 days.  If you forget to give a treatment to your cat or dog , administer Advantage Multi as soon as possible.  Do not ‘double dose’, simply continue using the heartworm preventative every 30 days from this new date.  If more than two months have elapsed since your dog received their last dose of heartworm medication speak to your vet about the need for an additional test for the parasite.

Possible Side Effects Associated with Advantage Multi

Advantage Multi has an extremely good safety record for use on both dogs and cats.  If your pet has shown signs of allergy to the active ingredients; Imidacloprid (found in Advantage and K9 Advantix) or  Moxidectin (found in Proheart), do not use Advantage Multi.  Side effects are rare but you should monitor your pet after using any flea control or pet´s medication.  Allergies may display as swelling, tremors, depression or sign of irritation at the site of application.  If signs persist or seem extreme speak to your vet immediately.  Advantage Multi should not be used in conjunction with any other pet´s medicines or supplements without consulting your veterinarian first.

Discount Advantage Multi Without Prescription

Follow the link above to buy the Best Priced Advantage Multi Heartworm and Flea Medicine available online.  FDA approved medicines shipped via the USPS within the United States. Economies of scale for online retailers allow for great savings, with no visit to your vet needed to obtain an RX.  Advantage Multi for Cats and Dogs offers combined flea and heartworm control.  This makes your pets medication time simple and economical.

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  1. Hello – do you carry the generic called Fiproguard Plus ? If so how much is the 6 pack for dogs 55+ lbs.
    Thank you

    Pam Haywood

    2 Apr 11 at 8:44 am

  2. Hi Pam,

    No sorry the generic Frontline Plus didn’t seem to be in demand once people saw the low prices on branded Frontline Plus available so we stopped dealing with it.


    6 Apr 11 at 6:12 am

  3. Can I use heartgard medicine with this at the same time? And is the reg. Advantage flea control available to buy in the bulk amount? I would like to use the heartgard medicine because it cures heart worm larva contracted over 30 days unlike the advantage multi which only goes back 30 days. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


    16 Oct 11 at 10:00 pm

  4. Hi Shawna, No you should only use one heartworm preventative at a time. Advantage Multi sorts out fleas, but it also destroys the heartworm larvae contracted over the previous month, exactly as Heartgard does. Advantage Multi can be bought in packs of up to 12 applications. You could use Advantage flea medicine alongside Heartgard as that only deals with external parasites, not heartowrms.


    16 Oct 11 at 11:13 pm

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