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About Online Pet Meds

Online Pet Meds is a home for information and purchasing of all your pets medicine.  We want to give full, unbiased facts regarding all the medications you can buy online for your dogs, cats and other animal companions.  We are pet owners too and want up-to-date relevant information only.  That way all our pets receive the best treatment possible.

We always advise consulting a vet for a correct diagnosis if your pet displays any changes in health.  But we know your vet often is not the most economical source of pet medication.  Regular treatments such as flea and tick prevention or heartworm medicine are particularly readily available online.

Remember all pets medication can be bought yourself.  Even prescription products can be bought online, either with a faxing or emailing your veterinarian’s prescription after placing your order.  Prescription only products are dispensed from an independent pharmacy, but still with huge discounts available to you, the pet owner.

One thing we do stress is that owners only use products specifically quoted as suitable for their age, size and type of animal.  Very few petmeds are interchangeable.  Many are supplied in specific doses to suit different weights of animal.  Others are perfectly safe for one species but could be dangerous for another.  Unless you have specific pharmaceutical knowledge relevant to your product, or have been advised to do so by a qualified vet, never use on any animal other than that specified on the packet.

We trust you find Online Pet Meds useful and we help keep your pets healthy.

Written by Karl

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