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Online Pet Meds is a home for information and help purchasing all your pets medicine.  We want to give full, unbiased facts regarding all the medications you can buy online for your dogs, cats and other animal companions.  We are pet owners too and want up-to-date relevant information only.  That way all our pets receive the best treatment possible. We are always looking for the best deals available on products used widely by pet owners.

We always advise consulting a vet for a correct diagnosis if your pet displays any changes in health.  But we know your vet often is not the most economical source of pet medication.  Regular treatments such as flea and tick prevention or heartworm medicine are particularly readily available online.

Remember all pets medication can be bought yourself.  Even prescription products can be bought online, either with a script from your vet or by dealing with a supplier able to contact your vet for the necessary paperwork on your behalf.

One thing we do stress is that owners only use products specifically quoted as suitable for the age, size and type of animal.  Very few pet meds are interchangeable.  Many are supplied in specific doses to suit different weights of animal.  Others are perfectly safe for one species but could be dangerous for another.  Unless you have specific pharmaceutical knowledge relevant to the product, or have been advised to do so by a qualified vet, never use on any animal other than that specified on the packet.

We trust you find Online Pet Meds useful and we help keep your pets healthy.

The Online Pet Medicine site is all about finding the best sources of all types of health-care supplies for our pets. We provide detailed information regarding all manner of pet medications. From flea control to heartworm prevention, joint supplements to pain relief and a whole lot more besides. We search for the best reliable stockists of a whole range of products. With regular pet med price comparisons aimed at ensuring we find the cheapest supplies of all the pet medicines detailed.

We do not just provide great deals to help you buy the Cheapest Pet Meds. We also hope to provide a great library of knowledge regarding all the different treatments listed. With information regarding using all the products discussed we hope we will help you choose the best medications for your pets.

We do always encourage you to discuss any queries or concerns with a qualified veterinarian. Of course your pets need the very best care and while we can help you make informed choices about which products to use there is no-one better than your own vet to guide you and ensure any new treatment is suitable for your pets.

Do feel free to browse around the site. You can find products listed in various categories, or according to the animal type to be treated, or of course just hit the search button! There is also a contact form which you can access from the side of the site.  Email us any questions and we will try to find a solution for you.

Finding reliable pet medicine online is a simple way to save money whilst still giving our dogs and cats the very best health-care they deserve. The savings can be huge buying onling from reputable sources. We only ever look at suppliers based in the US and Canada to ensure all medicines for pets are of the highest quality and sold under the strictest control. You do not need to look further afield as this is where you will find Pet Medicines Online at the Best Prices.


Please note the site will receive a small commission from the suppliers we suggest (they pay us – your price stays the same). This helps us fund the site.

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Whilst the site is managed and staffed by long-time pet owners we are not qualified vets, and always advise you to contact one if you have any concerns regarding the health of your pet.

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  1. Who makes this K9 Advantix Generic and is it packaged the same as the branded version? Same ingredients etc?

    Tim Witt

    21 Sep 10 at 3:29 pm

  2. Tim,
    Cipla Pharmaceuticals Limited manufactures generic Advantix. It is packaged in a similar way, with three capsules of liquid contained in each foil sealed pack. The box looks different, as the generic product is called Double Advantage. Yes, it contains exactly the same ingredients in the same volume as branded K9 Advantix – 100 g/L IMIDACLOPRID (8.8%), 500 g/L PERMETHRIN (44.0%).
    Generic Advantix is proving very popular and is currently going in and out of stock fast.


    21 Sep 10 at 11:54 pm

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