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Welcome to the Best Pet Meds Online site, made by pet owners for pet owners. We give you the lowdown on all your pets healthcare needs.

Here at the Online Pet Meds site we aim to bring you information on the best deals on all manner of pet medicines. Our hunt for Discount Pet Meds means we help you save money whilst still caring for your pets in the best way possible.

To use this site and find the best prices on all pet meds online is really simple. If you are looking for one information regarding a particular product just use the search bar. Or click the links to the side to view detailed information on each product along with where the best prices we have found are today.  You will see the full range of pack sizes available and different dose sizes for different animal weights where appropriate.

As well as carrying out regular price comparisons to ensure we link to the cheapest pet meds, we look for other ways to save too. One such idea we advocate wherever possible is to choose generic pet meds. Depending on just how old or new a particular drug is will determine whether a generic alternative is available. When we know a generic version will save you money we always supply information about that option. Sometimes, due to the nature of the ingredients used, a generic alternative will not actually save you much money. Frontline Plus for Dogs is a case in point. Being so widely used the branded version produced by Merial is actually often better value (if you find the best source) than the generic alternative which sells poorly.

As well as considering price when looking for discount Pet Meds we always think about reliability and service too. Buying Cheap pet meds should never mean settling for second best. Dealing with suppliers in Canada and the United States means we know quality control will be as high as you expect, and that the medications ordered will be the ones you get.

Delivery charges can vary enormously, so these must always be factored in when carrying out any pet med price comparison. Of course you can minimise this discrepancy by ordering the largest pack sizes that are practical for you to use before the expiry date. In fact clubbing together with fellow pet owners is a great way to make the biggest savings!

Even prescription only pet medicines can be bought easily on-line. Items such as Revolution heartworm medicine are often far cheaper on the web than at the average veterinary supplies store at home. To order prescription only pet medicines online simply place your order as usual, then follow the instructions on where to send your veterinary RX.  On receipt of the correct paperwork the pet pharmacy will confirm all is correct and send out your order. And if you don’t have a prescription to hand don’t worry. Just pass on the name and contact details of your vet and the customer service team will sort out all the paperwork themselves!

If you are looking for something slightly more unusual, just type the product you are after in the search box at the top right hand side.  Then you will find a list of all relevant articles. At the top of each article will be a link to where we currently suggest buying the product so again you just click to view all the pack sizes and current pricing options. Included within each article is information regarding the correct use of each pet medicine. Full instructions are always included within the pack and if you ever have any doubts you can contact a qualified pharmacist or vet for more information.

If there is anything you wish to know, or indeed any products not already mentioned you would like to find feel free to get in touch via the contact form at the side.

We aim to bring you the best Discount Pet Meds Online so Kitty and Fido stay healthy without your bank balance going into the red!

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Trifexis for Dogs

Trifexis for dogs is the only oral combined flea control and heartworm preventative that keeps on killing fleas all month long.

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Regular price checking ensures we always link to great deals on all featured pet meds. Check out the low cost Trifexis via the link above.

Trifexis for Dogs and Prescriptions

The FDA have ruled Trifexis a prescription only pet medicine. This makes little difference to you, the customer though! Simply place your order and then provide the contact details for your veterinarian. The retailer will contact them on your behalf so you don’t need to worry about the paperwork at all, and you can still buy discount Trifexis chewables online.

Trifexis Heartworm Medicine & Flea Control

Trifexis is an oral heartworm medicine supplied as a chewable tablet that is beef flavored so most dogs will enjoy their medicinal “treat”. As well as preventing heartworms the treatment also provides a safe and effective way of ensuring your dog remains free from fleas too.

The two ingredients in this medicine are spinosad as used in Comfortis and milbemycin oxime as used in Interceptor and Sentinel. The first targets fleas. It kills them quickly so they die before they can lay any eggs. The fleas start to be destroyed within half an hour, and after four hours there should be no fleas left at all. Any new fleas that come into contact with the dog during the following month, will be despatched with similar speed.

The second ingredient targets larval heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. This keeps intestinal parasites at bay and prevents heartworm disease (which is caused when heartworm larvae grow into their adult form and make their way to organs to breed.

Trifexis is only available for canines, so please do not use on cats. Like all flea medicines, there are potential side effects associated with these medications. Usually any adverse reactions will be very mild, such as vomitting or diarhhea. However, there can be potential problems if used alongside ivermectin, or when used with epileptic animals. Be sure to read the label properly so you know what signs to look out for, and discuss all medications with your vet.

This heartworm medicine is only suitable for dogs over 5lbs in weight and over 8 weeks of age. For ill, pregnant or nursing dogs you should consult your vet before using this flea and heartworm treatment.

As with all heartworm medicines it is important that you use Trifexis correctly. Every month the right dose dependant on the weight of your dog should be given. Any period of time where no monthly treatment has been used should be followed by a heartworm test prior to starting a new treatment.

Trifexis Best Price

As usual we’re keen to direct our readers to the best deals on all the medications featured here at Online Pet Meds. With regards to Trifexis, we have found some great deals online. The link above will take you to today’s best source for cheap Trifexis without a prescription. We hope you find it useful!

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Comfortis For Dogs

Comfortis for dogs is the flea tablet that keeps on working all month long. A beef flavored tasty chewable treat most dogs will love and the flea free results will be loved by dog owners!

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Using the link above you will find USPets offering great low prices and the opportunity to buy discount Comfortis for your dog. Here at Online Pet Meds we are always searching for the very best deals and discounts on all the treatments mentioned, so that you don’t have too!

Comfortis and Prescriptions

comfortis canineComfortis is currently one of very few flea control treatments for which American consumers need a prescription to purchase. That’s primarily because this is a newer product and as such the FDA want to keep a close eye on its use. Don’t let that be a concern though, as you can still benefit from great prices buying Comfortis online. Just provide your vet’s contact details as you place your order. The store will then sort out the RX so you don’t have to bother with the paperwork yourself.

Comfortis Flea Control

Oral flea control is growing in popularity amongst those pet owners wishing to avoid residues on the skin of their pet left by topical treatments. Several are now available, but Comfortis is the only flea tablet that will continue destroying adult fleas all month long. It works really quickly too, fleas start be destroyed within 30 minutes, and within 4 hours all adult fleas will be gone!

There is only one active ingredient (spinosad) which is derived from a microbe that occurs naturally in soil. This acts on the flea’s nervous system, making it hyperactive, which causes it to quickly die.

Any new fleas that come into contact with your pet in the month following treatment will be killed in the same way as the initial existing fleas did when the treatment was first given. This means all adult fleas are killed before they have time to lay eggs, so over the course of a few months you will see fewer and fewer new fleas as the eggs, larvae and pupae currently existing in and around your home, mature and are subsequently destroyed. With no new eggs being laid there will be no future flea problems for your pets.

Comfortis for Dogs

Comfortis is a canine only medication, please do not use it on cats! The flea treatment is supplied as a tasty chewable tablet that contains a pork derived beef flavor so most dogs will be happy to take their medication each month.

You will need to buy the correct dose sized based on the weight of the dog to be treated. Please note that dogs must be at least 14 weeks old and 5 lbs in weight of they are to be safely given Comfortis flea tablets.

The pack sizes are:

  • Comfortis Pink for very small dogs from 5-10lbs
  • Comfortis Orange for small dogs 10.1-20lbs
  • Comfortis Green for medium dogs 20.1-40lbs
  • Comfortis Blue for large dogs 40.1-60lbs
  • Comfortis Brown for very large dogs from 60.1-120lbs

It is important you use the correct Comfortis chewable for the size of your dog. If you think you have given too much medicine be sure to speak to your vet.

Comfortis Side Effects

Most dogs will respond well to Comfortis, but just like all flea treatments there is always the potential for some dogs to display side effects. Most common with this particular flea medicine are mild bouts of vomiting. More rare issues include  itching, decreased activity, diarrhea, inflammation of the skin, redness of the skin, decreased appetite and redness of the ear. None of the effects are seen as more than mild reactions. Do read the label though, and be sure to discuss any concerns with your vet.

Discount Comfortis Flea Control

For the very best supplies of Comfortis cheap, check out the link above. We price check regularly to ensure we send you to a reliable and low priced source of all the pet medicines discussed.

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How to Apply Topical Flea Treatments

Topical flea treatments such as Frontline Plus for dogs and Advantage for cats are extremely easy to use, but only once you know how!

The process is very straightforward though it can seem a little awkward until both you and your pet get the hang of it!

  1. Ensure you have the correct pack size that corresponds to both the weight and type of pet to be treated. It’s important to double check every time you use flea medicine if you have various types and sizes of pets in the family.
  2. Find somewhere comfortable. Small dogs and cats are most easily treated on your lap or on a counter-top or table. Larger dogs will need to stand still (easier said than done sometimes!).
  3. Part the fur to reveal the skin. This is best done at the base of the neck on cats, and between the shoulder blades on dogs.
  4. Open the capsule of liquid flea medicine and empty the entire contents directly onto the skin. Squeeze the capsule as you move it away to ensure every last drop is used up.
  5. For products such as Advantix used on larger dogs you may get better flea protection by applying the liquid to multiple sites along the spine from shoulders to the base of the tail (check the packet for instructions).

That’s all you need to do. Topical flea treatments are given a bitter taste, and with the application site being an awkward to reach area you shouldn’t have a problem with pets licking the medicine, but it is best to keep an eye on them till the liquid is dry.

It’s important to bathe your pet (or take them swimming) only once the product is completely absorbed and dry. The time this takes depends on the product being used, from a few hours to a few days, so do check the label.

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